Dev Retro 22: The Transition


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I'm glad to share that this is my first year in review. As the title states, The Transition is a reflection of how I transitioned to Web3 and also started navigating Developer Relations.

Start of the hype: Backstory

Before the year 2022, I actively learned web development and built projects, and I had also just completed a JavaScript course on Udemy. The buzz surrounding Web3 grew later in 2021. which eventually became a thing on my Twitter timeline as different personalities shared their thoughts and resources about Web3.

Some weeks later, I stumbled on a tweet that prompted me to dig further into the web3 space :)

I was now more curio$ than ever. That’s enough backstory! Time for the real story!

Bridge to web3: Off to Web3Bridge

After a while, I heard about Web3Bridge, and fortunately for me, cohort VI's application was on. I was accepted into the cohort after passing the stages and the interview process.

This was a great feat for me as it provided me access to free accommodation, internet access, a community of great minds, and intensive training on smart contract development for four months.

Long story short, Web3Bridge became the bridge to transition into Web3. During these four-month, I started writing about my experience, began sharing my knowledge about web3 on Twitter, and also won my first hackathon at ETHGLOBAL

Grateful for the blessings of mentors and friends that crossed my path at Web3Bridge.

Accelerated the WRITE way

After the successful completion of the cohort, the only thing on my mind was getting a job. Before leaving the Web3Bridge campus, I had started applying to different companies and had rejection emails in the bag.

A few weeks after settling in, collaboration with my friends from the cohort grew as we actively scouted and participated in hackathons. I didn’t win as much as I wanted in hackathons, but all in all, I had a great learning experience.

After a while, I decided to dedicate a whole month to writing as I wasn’t getting any job offers. Started the #2Articles1Week on Hashnode in the month of June.

This was the beginning of my technical writing journey, which eventually paid off and accelerated my journey into getting a Web3 job.

Lessons learnt

Trust God and the process. This is the summary of what I learned in 2022. As much as you invest in yourself to do world-class stuff, also learn to trust God to see you through the process. Things take time!

Always be positive. Think and proclaim positive things. Like, say it loud and clear: I am world-class.


This is a quick highlight of what went on in 2022



  • Didn't achieve some of my personal branding goals

  • Devotion time reduced

  • Lost money - not that huge!

Things I'll love to do in 2023

To mention a few:

  • Build a community

  • Engage in public speaking

  • Start video content creation

  • Write more

  • Travel and attend international conferences


My utmost appreciation goes to God for his wonderful deeds that are headline news. I am also grateful for the amazing gift of men he used to bless my life in 2022.

My appreciation goes to:

  1. Loved ones, siblings and friends who made 2022 a great one.

  2. Mr Ayodeji, Web3Bridge founder and also my amazing mentor Timidan.

  3. Colleagues and friends from Web3Bridge.

  4. Twitter friends and well-wishers.

2023 promises to be great 💪

I look forward to doing more in 2023. For when he holds my hands, everything becomes possible!

Cheers 🥂🥂