Building With Klaytn: What is Klaytn and how to get started as a Developer

Building With Klaytn: What is Klaytn and how to get started as a Developer


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With the emerging use cases springing from the evolution of Web3, we are moving to a redefined society where creators and players with a clean slate define new standards and let their creativity flourish in our dynamic digital future.

In order to build infrastructure for this collaborative Web3, that's where Klaytn comes in. Klaytn is an EVM Layer 1 blockchain to pave way for more to be a part of the Web3 revolution.

I'm pleased to have built on Klaytn during the last hackathon with Covalent and I discovered that It's just like building on Ethereum! There are very few changes needed. So if you're an Ethereum Developer, you are already a Klaytn Developer. Having discovered this, I have decided to put my findings into this post.

Here's what I'll be covering:

  • What is Klaytn and Klaytn 2.0?

  • Why Klaytn?

  • Developer Tools and Resources to help build on Klaytn

What's Klaytn?

The Klaytn blockchain is a Byzantine Fault Tolerant (BFT) public blockchain. It provides a scalable, secure, and user-friendly platform. One of its aims is to alleviate centralization thereby making decentralization the main characteristic of the network which makes it easier for users to enjoy a higher level of transparency and security.

The Klaytn chain supports Ethereum equivalence as such making it an EVM Layer 1 blockchain. This Ethereum equivalence can be seen in three-folds viz:

  • Development Tools
  • EVM and API
  • Core Development Contribution


Klaytn's commitment to making blockchain technologies more accessible by people from around the world and the need for a trust layer that will connect people from all walks of life and all corners of the world brought about the advent of Klaytn 2.0

Klaytn 2.0 tends to be a "One-Stop" chain for metaverse builders. Simply put, an open-source public blockchain for all who wish to build, work, or play in the metaverse. Here is a full description of what it is about Klatyn Website

In 2019, the Klaytn chain was created by Kakao: one of South Korea’s leading software enterprises— with the intention of staying true to its mission of making a better world through people and technology; The native token of Klaytn is called KLAY. KLAY is the utility and governance token of the network. This cryptocurrency plays a variety of roles in the ecosystem. You can use KLAY to pay your transaction fees. It’s also a very fast and efficient medium of exchange. You can stake the token to secure passive rewards and you can even use it for collateral for secondary tokens.

Today there are over +100 Applications that use Klaytn, from popular Decentralized Finance apps, Gaming Applications, to NFT Marketplace. OpenSea, Binance, KLAYSwap, and MIR4 are some examples.

These things and more are what the Klaytn blockchain comprises. Let's take a deep dive into why you should build on this chain

Why Klaytn?

The unique strength of each chain differs from each other as such it is important to know the unique strength of the Klaytn Chain to help you build products that scale in the ecosystem. The following are the unique strength of the Klaytn Chain:

  • Throughput and Finality

Throughput refers to the fast rate at which a blockchain processes transactions within a given timeframe. The Klaytn chain is said to have a fast throughput and finality which makes it maintain 1-second block finality to ensure speedy transactions.

The table and graph below are comparisons of Klaytn with other blockchains. You can see that Klaytn’s transaction throughput is at least 3-4 times faster than that of other global top-tier Layer 1 mainnets.


  • TPS (Transaction Per Seconds)

Because of Klaytn's fast throughput and finality, it is said to record 4000 transactions per second (TPS). This conclusion was inferred after running a stress test on the Klaytn mainnet Cypress before its official launch and confirmed 4000 TPS for KLAY transfer transactions.

  • Metaverse Package

Klaytn as a metaverse blockchain for all, seek to make building metaverse easier and this is one of the unique strength of this chain. A comprehensive package of toolsets and supporting ecosystem to make building for the metaverse are been put in place


  • Ethereum Compatibility

Compared to other layer 1 solutions, Klaytn is an EVM Layer 1 solution and as such would be able to onboard EVM-based DApps without any modifications.

  • Interoperability

One of the biggest advantages gained by Klaytn users is interoperability with various ecosystems (such as DEX, Bridge, Oracle, etc). The asset transfer or exchange between Klaytn and other blockchains would be made much easier.

  • Low Cost End-users should not be burdened with any higher transaction fee beyond what the traditional systems require. It runs a low gas price that is almost 1/10 of Ethereum.

You can read more about its unique features here Klaytn Docs.

Want to get started building on the Klaytn blockchain, the following developer tools and resources would surely be of help

Developer Tools and Resources

Building on Klaytn doesn’t have to be hard. Klaytn offers a seamless developer experience that’s designed to help builders turn their great ideas into the next big thing.

Like i previously said, Ethereum developers can jump into Klaytn and mainly use the same code and tools. Super easy just put your Solidity skills to work right away, tap on the collective body of EVM developer knowledge, and onboard Ethereum DApps with minimal code changes.

Here is a list of tools that would help you get started in the Klaytn Ecosystem.

  1. Klaytn Docs: This is the official documentation of the Klaytn Chain

  2. Kaikas Wallet: Kaikas is a browser extension that provides a secure and usable means to interact with the Klaytn network from websites. In particular, it handles account management and connects the user to the blockchain. Familiar with Metamask? Kaikas is pretty much like it! To get started, you can download it here

  3. Caver Js: Familiar with web3js or ethers js? Caver Js is pretty much of the same purpose. Caver-js is a JavaScript API library that allows developers to interact with a Klaytn node using an HTTP or WebSocket connection. For more information about using downloading it in your project, it is available on here.

  4. Klaytn IDE: This tool is majorly used to compile, test, and deploy your solidity smart contracts.

  5. Klaytnscope and KlaytnFinder: Just like every other block explorer, it is an analytics platform for the Klaytn network.

  6. Klaytn Wallet: This is a KLAY and Klaytn-compatible wallet for application development use.

For more tools and resources, you can always check them here


This is just an introduction to the Klaytn Chain and what it tends to offer. I hope you have been able to get a grasp of it and also look forward to building on it.

Do well to join the community if it so interests you here. This provides you access to a full suite of resources and support from the Klaytn Team and also its community.

Worth mentioning that Klaytn has a Klaytn Improvement Reserve(KIR) and Proof of Contribution Program to help developers in the ecosystem. Benefits include getting early access to grants and technical guidance. I haven't been part of the program but could be interesting to check out!

If you have any questions, suggestions or comments, drop them below, or reach out to me on Twitter!

Happy Buidling!!!!